Visualize issues on a simple timeline. Plan and schedule issues on a Gantt-like chart.
Group your issues by any JIRA field. Easily make reversible changes and assignments.
Manage your timeline permissions and many more!

guy Timeline
guy Timeline


Gantt like chart for issue visualization & planning

Visualize issues on simple timeline
Review changes before saving

Timeline graphically presents the issues on intuitive Gantt-like chart. Use the drag and drop technique to change dates or move issue to other groups.

All changes are stored online and can be reviewed before saving to server. Undo mistakes and not wanted changes. Add comment to all changed issues.

Use any custom date or worklog fields for timeline dates. Group and build swimlines with any JIRA standard field type.

Manage your timelines, assign permissions

Advanced permission model
Easy management

Advanced permission model based on 3 roles: admin, edit, view. Assign any user or group for each timeline role.

Easily manage your timelines: find by name or author, sort, assign permissions or delete.

You can also export your timeline to PNG.

Most value for best price

Add timeline gadet to your dashboards
Simple and intuitive interface

Timeline will work out of the box with default configuration but can be customized at will. Can be easily created from custom menu or by exporting JIRA search result directly to timeline.

Timeline plugin is very fast, communication to JIRA server is limited to minimum. Issues changes are not send to JIRA server immediately but stored in changelog that can be reviewed and manually accepted.

Timeline support any standard JIRA field for grouping, works with user fields, date, numbers, epics, radio buttons, select lists and versions.

Lots of small features like: sorting, snapping, zooming, etc.

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