Plugin allows you to download all attachments at once from all issues in search results.
Save them as a zip file on a hard drive sorted by issue keys.

guy Download Attachment
guy Download Attachment


Download attachments with ease

Download attachments from search JQL results
Arrange you files with one of predefined schemes

Just export your search result using our custom Export->Attachments menu item. You will see custom screen that allow you to filter attachments and choose folder structure to saved them.

Download attachments from your custom scripts or other plugin using our REST API

Simple yet powerful

Custom field - download attachments from Confluence
Filter what attachments you want to download

Refine your search results, check our other plugin: Search Attachments for powerful attachments search engine inside JIRA.

Take advantage of build in filtering by extension option.

Use our custom field to download your issue attachments directly from JIRA dashboards, Confluence or list search results.

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