Extend your JIRA with large library of custom fields to create unique experience for JIRA users. Issue link details, todo field, attachment list, shields, regex validation and more.

guy Custom Field Pack
guy Custom Field Pack


Visualize your linked issue with great link utility fields

Display any linked issue field
Show only issues that match given criteria

Plugin adds custom field that allows you to customize presentation of linked issue with extreme flexibility.

Field can be configured to display any linked issues field or to show only issues that match given criteria.

Any type of standard JIRA field can be shown. Plugin can also display any other custom field including custom fields from third party plugins.

Linked issue details can also be visible in all places that supports custom fields:

  • JIRA gadgets and dashboards - download and view issue attachments directly from Jira Dashboards
  • JIRA issues list view.
  • Confluence JIRA macro - download and view issue attachments on Confluence pages
  • Third party plugins that can use embed other custom fields.

Add more awesomeness to your JIRA and create custom shields on your issues

Visualize any JIRA field as shield
Shield field support multi-value fields

Field can be used to create shields from almost any JIRA standard field or custom field.

Shields are composed using flexible expression that can include: field name, field value or constant text.

Shield field support multi-value fields. Separate shield will be created for field value.

Rock your issues with convenient ToDo lists!

Simple tasks that are part of issue
Tasks can be easily resolved from issue view screen

Simple ToDo list for simple tasks that are part of issue. Much easier and simpler then subtasks.

Tasks can be easily resolved from issue view screen.

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