JQL functions for issue link searching including parent, subtask, epic links.
Validators and conditions to check if your issue have a proper links.
Advanced link visualization with new custom fields.

guy Search Linked Issue
guy Search Linked Issue


Take advantage of the deep search

Find linked, parent, subtask and epic issues
Build advanced queries with JQL

Search for linked, parent and subtask issues. Thanks to our add-on you can narrow your search down with specific criteria (link type, link direction and recursion count).

Build advanced queries with our JQL functions like:

-- find issues linked by any 
-- relation to all issues returned by JQL
issue in linkedIssuesFromQuery
  ("project = DEMO AND issuetype = BUG")

-- find issues which are parents of subtasks 
-- and contain 'linux' word somewhere
issue in havingSubtaskIssuesFromQuery
  ("text ~ linux")

JIRA Agile integration

Find your epics using advanced JQL
Restrict your worklfows based on linked issues

Search the issues linked to epics in JIRA for a more Agile workflow. Easily find the epics that need to be closed or do not have any issues linked to them:

-- find all epics without issues
issue in epicsWithoutIssue()

-- find all epics that are assigned to
-- issues return by query 'project = TEST' 
issue in epicsFromQuery("project = TEST")

Additionally, you can customize your workflows with the Search Linked Issues validator in order to condition your issues’ links.

Optimized search functions and linked issue view custom field

Low performance impact
Linked issue view custom field

Search Linked Issues works for the efficiency of your JIRA. Our JQL functions are highly optimized for as low JIRA performance impact as possible.

Your administrators can monitor the volume of issues generated by specific search requests to control JIRA performance.

If default JIRA linked issue view is not enough for your then you can use our Linked Issue View custom field. With it you can filter linked issues and choose what fields should be visible.

Most value for best price

Search Linked Issues will add to your JIRA:

  • 20+ powerful JQL functions,
    • including 4+ functions for JIRA Agile.
  • Linked issue validator with flexible configuration.
  • Linked issue custom field with complete control of linked issue details.
  • Administrator configuration for monitoring plugin performance.
  • Regular releases with new content.

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