Plugin (its free!) allows you to export JIRA issues to Google Drive.
You can export them to Google Sheets or Google Docs.
You can view, edit and share your documents with power of Google Drive.

guy Google Drive Exporter
guy Google Drive Exporter


Export your issues to google drive

Export to Google Sheet or Google Doc
Export single issue or whole search result

Plugin allows you to export your issues into Google Drive. You can choose format: Google Sheet or Google Doc.

You can export single issue or whole search result, using JIRA Export menu. Plugin adds its own custom options to menu.

Setting up plugin is fairly easy. Follow our step by step admin guide.

Work with your google docs and sheets

Analyze your data in google sheet
Edit, print and share

Once your issues are exported you can use all Google Doc and Sheets features on exported issues. Analyze and share you data with others.

Take advantage of hundreds of plugins and workings solutions for Google Drive. For example you can easily create Google Doc from template and sheet data.

Add a star to your JIRA with Google Drive Exporter!

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