Synchronize your Google Apps groups and users to Crowd.
Authenticate your users using Google Apps passwords.

guy Google Apps For Crowd
guy Google Apps For Crowd


Rock your apps permissions!

Google Apps as your permissions hub
Add custom directory just like LDAP

Plugin is setup us custom directory in Crowd. It uses Admin SDK from google to fetch your users and groups into Crowd.

You can fetch all users and groups from your domain or only users from given google group.

Manage your permissions by assigning users to groups using Google Apps. Plugin will automatically synchronize your changes to Crowd.

Make onboarding a breeze

Google Apps accounts in every Atlassian app
Simplified onboarding

Every Atlassian server app like JIRA or Confluence can know use Google App users and groups.

Plugin simplifies onboarding processes by automatically adding your users and setting their permission based on single Google Apps account and assigned groups.

Check our documentation for more information how to setup connection with Google Apps.

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