Find your JIRA issues by multiple criteria: full text search of attachments content, attachment name, extension or metadata.
Filter your attachment view with our Attachment View custom field.

guy Search Attachments
guy Search Attachments


Flexible search capabilities

Search by file content
Search by name, extension and metadata

With our add-on you can search issues by multiple criteria. You can find issue by content of the attachments and expressions in the files (as specified in documentation), file names, file extensions.

Use a simple JQL query to search your attachments.

Filter your attachment view with our Attachment List View custom field.

Automatic indexing of Word, Excel, PDF and more

Index almost all known file types
Fast indexing

All your files will be automatically indexed so that you can search them by content of the document.

Our add-on allows you to index all popular file formats (e.g. PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Open Office, metadata from music, movies, content of archives). Plugin will extract and index almost all archive formats like zip, rar or tar.

You can also rebuild whole index manually and exclude files from indexing (like very large attachments).

Advanced file search

Powerful JQL functions
Easy to use

Simple and powerful JQL function allow you to construct any kind of JQL query to find your issue based on attached files.

If you are searching for any issues with files containing word Alice then just use simple query function:

issue in attContent("Alice")

or go complex and flexible with advanced syntax:

-- find all issues that have attachment with 
-- name 'workflow or 'png' extension 
issue in havingAttachments
  ("name:workflow OR type:png")

Check our JQL function documentation for more examples.

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