Last modified: 2017-07-28
  1. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the services and service levels between the technical support (Addonrock) and the customers of that technical support (Customer).
  2. Addonrock technical support is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET Monday through Friday, excluding all holidays.
  3. Requests for support will be fulfilled based on priorities (Critical, High, Normal) which are determined by urgency and level of impact.
  4. Response is defined as a “good faith” effort to communicate with the customer using the contact information provided by that customer. Response will be via service desk system or in special cases via phone.
  5. Service Level response times to service requests are measured once a request is submitted via service desk system. Solution time is defined as maximum period of time required by Addonrock to manage customer`s request. Response Times:
Priority characteristics response time solution time
Critical product crushes; Critical functionality not available 24h 48h
Major important functionality not available 36h 72h
Normal some system functions not available; incorrect product behavior 48h unlimited